Julie Dewitt

I Have Walked In Your Shoes!

I Can Help You Lose Weight & End YO-YO Dieting.

  • No Counting Calories
  • No Measuring Food Portions
  • No Set Meal Plans
  • No Dieting

Helping people in their personal growth since 1999


Hello! My name is Julie DeWitt, I am the founder of Life Coach by Julie. I am a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach that helps people lose weight and keep it off for good. I work in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

I understand weight loss challenges & I have been right where you are right now! I felt frustrated and ashamed of myself as I failed diet after diet. I was physically exhausted, my joints hurt, and I was unhappy in my body. One day I woke up and said "Enough! I’m going to figure this out!" I worked on the “cause of my overeating” instead of focusing on the “symptoms” of overeating. After following simple principles, I released 45 lbs! 

I will help you end beating yourself up, stop emotional eating, overcome cravings and how to love yourself every step of the way. 

Life Coach By Julie
Life Coach By Julie


I’m excited to share with you my simple but powerful transformation tools. I will offer you a unique weight loss program that I customize specifically for you which includes no counting calories, no counting points, no set meal plans and no dieting.

Let’s get Started and Accomplish Your Goals Together! 


As a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach I educate clients how to get out of their head & stop their toxic thoughts that create professional and personal issues. I focus on guiding clients to create balance in their life. Therapist look at analyzing a client's past as a tool for understanding current behaviors.

A Journey of Letting Go and Finding You!

Life Coach By Julie


My passion is to help people transform their lives through self-discovery and become the BEST version of themselves. Along the way, I will guide you on how to live a healthy and balanced life.

Grow in Grace, Knowledge, and Love!